8 Surefire Ways to Write Killer Content (Plus 5 bonus Tips)

Creating good quality and engaging content is perhaps the single most important factor that can make or break any Digital Marketing campaign. Writing high quality content is by no means a cakewalk.

On the contrary, it is a skill that can be developed over time. You don’t need to be Shakespeare or have a PhD in English from Oxford to write mind blowing content.

However, there is no single recipe for success in content creation and marketing.

But if you follow the tips covered in this blog, I assure that you’ll be ever closer to weaving out content like a charm.

So let’s dive in!

#1 Avoid writing directly in WordPress (or any other CMS)

Initially, start writing blogs in Google docs or MS word. Just keep writing all the ideas flowing in your mind and don’t bat an eye about word count or grammatical mistakes. The sole focus of not writing in wordpress is to lay the foundation for your blog.

All the editing and alignment can be carried out later, before publishing.

Directly writing in WordPress could compel you to perform several revisions which in turn affects the load speed of the server.

#2 Use Catchy and Interesting Titles

Nearly 80% of the visitors to any blog decide to read a  given post after reading the title.

So to be on the safer side, write eye catching and relevant blog titles. Doing this can increase you CTR by a considerable amount.

Also make sure to use numbers and parentheses in your titles to grab the reader’s attention. Mentioning the year would be beneficial if you’re writing “how to’s” and long guides.

Don’t shy away from using adjectives in the title. It can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Here are a few examples to make it more clear for you:

#3 Avoid Perfectionism

This tip not only limited to blogging, but to anything out there. Seeking perfection in everything can kill creativity and you would end up with a blank mind staring at the computer screen.

Instead, start small and start right now. A direct consequence of seeking perfection is procrastination.

This might cause you to lose interest and eventually run out of ideas. So better late than never, think big but start small.

#4 Say NO to Jargons

You might be the most qualified person out there, with an exceptional command over language usage. But majority of the readers have an affinity towards simple, crisp and clear content.

Afterall, everyone might not be as well versed as you in their vocabulary.

Instead, focus on writing content that caters to broad spectrum of the audience; Ranging from thought leaders and influencers to the common man.

It should basically be compelling and catering to the vast majority of your target audience.

# 5 Start Strong

We as humans tend to get drawn to facts, stories etc . Surprising the reader at the beginning of a blog post would fuel the curiosity factor in them. This would make them  ever-hungry to consume your content.

One of the easiest ways to kick start your article is  by asking a question. This gradually pulls those eyeballs down the screen and the process repeats until they’ve read your entire article!

This in turn slashes the bounce rate and skyrockets the dwell time.

Sounds simple, right?  but it’s a complete nobrainer used by the vast majority of top notch bloggers .

#6 Make it Personal

Start using more of words like “You”, “We” and “I”. The sole purpose of doing this is to establish an emotional connect with your target audience.

This reinforces the fact that you’ve put in a lot of work to tailor your blog as per your users intent. One to one communication is the key here.

Every reader must feel as though they’re having a face to face conversation with you.

Bydoing so, trust is established and this could mean a long term army of faithful readers.

#7 Use Multimedia and Visuals

Do you know anyone who loves to read big chunks of plain old text? Me neither!

Readers are drawn to articles with a good amount of Images and Multimedia. Visuals are aesthetically  pleasing to the eye and it wouldn’t be a sin to include a few in your article.

Multimedia makes any blog visually appealing. Period.

They also have a positive impact on decreasing bounce rates and thereby increasing the dwell time.

Keeping the reader engaged is the sign of a high quality article. Using Multimedia and visuals is a winning strategy to achieve this.

Personally, I would recommend you to use 5 to 6 good quality images for every 1000 words. You can complement this by embedding relevant videos, gifs etc.

#8 Content Relaunch Strategy

Instead on solely focusing on publishing more content, I would recommend you to go back and make your old content better.

Just pick any of your old posts and do the following:

  • Improve the readability and structure of the post
  • Update the content and Images
  • Add more meaty details

This beefs up your blog significantly and gives a much needed boost to the organic traffic.

So to rank higher on SERP consistently, content relaunch strategy shouldn’t be ignored.

This strategy consumes lesser time to implement as you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

#9 Watch Sitcoms and TV Shows

Perhaps, this might be the easiest way to gain command over the English language without putting in much effort.

Sitcoms and TV Shows use high quality language which might be difficult to understand at first.

But once you get the hang of it, your listening skills get a major boost along with language proficiency.  Listening to podcasts is another alternative.

Remember that communication is a two way process. In order to churn out good content, you need to be a good listener as well.

The more you listen, the more ideas you will get.

#10 Attempt Competitive Exams

This is a great way to master the language. Most of the competitive exams today ( Like CAT, GRE …) incorporate English in their syllabus.

Preparing for these exams would involve reading guides, tutorials, newspapers and a ton of other resources.

All this would result in better understanding of the language’s key components such as verbs, tenses and grammar.

This would certainly give your writing skills a much needed boost.

#11 Leverage Facebook Groups

The power of social media cannot be described in words. Facebook is by far the most popular one for a reason and is here to stay.

Facebook groups provide a platform for like-minded people to engage and interact extensively about respective topics.

Here’s a simple yet underrated tactic to get ideas for your blog:

Just ask a question about the topic/niche you’ve chosen to write about; Kaboom! You’ll be flooded with tons of ideas/opinions in the comments section.

Engage and interact to filter out potential content ideas for your article.

Now you can start developing content around it, incorporating your own perspective.

I would call this technique “Ethical Stealing” of ideas. Simple and effective. Works like a charm.

#12 Quora

This platform is your training ground for writing good quality content. Quora has over a 100 million active users ranging from influencers and professionals to novices.

It’s a great QnA forum to acquire tons of knowledge. You can read answers about topics related to your niche can get loads of blogging ideas.

The questions with most views and followers on this platform can often be used by you to develop content around it and publish a blog post.

Overall, this web 2.0 site is a win-win for both the writer as well as  the reader.

#13 Outsourcing Content (Not recommended)

This strategy should be used as a last resort. Generally made use of by people in the managerial positions, it involves another third party writing content for you, at a fixed price.

Time constraint is the primary reason for employing this strategy. Other factors may include:

  • Lack of writing skills
  • Lack of knowledge about the industry
  • To scale your content

If you belong to any of the above categories then I would suggest you get the content outsourced.

After receiving it, you can add your own relevant content, add visuals, perform edits and then finally publish the article.

Here are a few sites to get content outsourced:




There you go; My top surefire ways for writing killer content.

Which tip did you like the most?

Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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