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LinkedIn Profile Tips: How I grew my account from zero to hero

Do you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn?

Would you like to see quality connections in your profile and lead the search terms in your niche?

Well, you will have to turn your “Zero” profile into a “Hero” and trust me when I say this, none of the LinkedIn profile tips that work is rocket science!

All you have to do is avoid the mistakes I made and you can start directly right from the very peak.

So, let me share with you my journey, LinkedIn profile tips on how I turned my profile from a mere nobody to the raging Hulk.

My failures and successes.

My hidden little secrets!

My Initial Days – Absolute Zero 

Even I started at the bottom of the pile fresh out of my graduation and all confused about my career.

People said that LinkedIn is the place to search for jobs.

I created a profile with no clue whatsoever and started following random influencers.

I can’t say all of my work went to waste.

I came to know about Digital Marketing and decided this is where I want to build a career.

So, after a warm cup of coffee and some other things that I don’t remember, it was time to think – What’s Next?

Posting regularly on LinkedIn, right?


This answer has struck me too as easily as it did to you and I immediately folded my sleeves and got to work.

Here are a few of my initial posts. Let me hide my face while you see it.

You may say that there’s nothing wrong with these posts (and I know you are just being modest), but the organic reach of these will tell you how horribly wrong I was about everything. 

12! Only 12!

So, here was my first lesson.

Random posts are Absolute No-No’s!

My profile was a big zero.

No one wanted to connect with me 🙁

And it was time to go back to the drawing board and initiate my LinkedIn profile makeover.

The Building Phase – Facing Reality

I had to ask myself a few tough questions. It wasn’t easy.

While I somehow knew “why” I wanted my LinkedIn profile to shine, the actual demons were hiding in the “what”, “when” and “how”, AKA:

  • “What” to post?
  • “When” to post?
  • “How” frequently to post?

I switched on my “ACTION” mode and put on my research hat. 

For the next couple of months, I studied numerous quality LinkedIn profile examples, read blogs on social media marketing, spent sleepless nights (I’m not kidding!!) over eBooks, took multiple courses and learned about growth hacking tools. 

Every sweat that I dropped was focused towards one goal – to turn my profile into one of the best LinkedIn profiles around.

Here was my course of action after all the enlightening research on LinkedIn marketing:

  • Posted on a weekly basis. At times, 2-3 times a week.
  • Optimized my LinkedIn Profile to look more professional
  • Employed a few growth hacking tools (More on this later)
  • Upgraded the type of content in the ‘Articles’ and ‘Posts’ section

And what did I realize during this whole process?

Quality of content matters everywhere (write this down as one of the cardinal LinkedIn profile tips).

People will yawn and simply look away from mediocre posts that are meant to get lost in the crowd.

It is never about what YOU feel that people will like to read. It is about GIVING people what THEY actually want.

Notice my last course of action – upgrading the type of content that I posted. Instead of just sharing my blog posts with relevant hashtags (which I used to do initially), I started sending out content about growth hacking techniques and tools people can use.

Making the complicated technology simple for my readers naturally attracted engagement.

Crisp posts made my content easy to consume, every step was action-oriented and people naturally connected.

And did all this hard work bring me the results that I so dearly craved for?

Did I manage to build a rock-solid LinkedIn Profile?

Well, it took time, but it most definitely did!! 🙂

The Hero Phase – Overwhelming Response

First, my post engagement started increasing exponentially from that horrendous figure of 12. 

Here is a screenshot of an 8 months old post. Notice the user engagement here highlighted by the green box.

This is a 5 months old post:

And finally, a 2 weeks old post from the time I am writing this blog:

You can clearly see the stark increase in figures.

Second, my current employer reached out to me by observing the quality of my LinkedIn profile.

P.S: This was on messenger

More job offers started pouring in gradually and every single one was inbound.

Simply speaking, great opportunities found me instead of me going out for the hunt.

And third, my list of quality connections also grew.

I started receiving connection requests from industry experts and my conversations over LinkedIn has become more intelligent than ever.

Won’t you call all these a Win?

What else can I literally ask for?

I stumbled, embarrassed myself, made mistakes, but ultimately turned my profile into the hero I wanted it to be.

And then I asked myself again – What’s Next?

As the great men say, the journey never stops after reaching the destination.

You will have to maintain your position there.

What’s next for me was not to stop posting.

I posted more and I learned more.

I experimented more and I upskilled more.

Here’s what I do now. (Consider these as LinkedIn profile tips to you from my side)

Find that “Specific Thing” in your niche that people drool over

For me, it was growth hacking tools.

I gave solutions to people’s problems and they naturally responded.

For you, it can be puppies dressed as humans.

Research well, find that “specific thing” and regularly post quality content on it.

Keep experimenting with new ideas

I have no shame in accepting that even today, I fail.

But I never give up on experimenting.

Take this post for example. It didn’t gather much reach or engagement.

Only through failures can you learn what’s working and innovate to become better.

Never stop experimenting – your most invaluable advice among all the LinkedIn profile tips.

The Mantra that I follow:

Post —> Experiment —-> Rinse —-> Repeat

Maintain variety. Mix it up.

And just because posting about growth hacking tools helped me to increase my engagement doesn’t mean I will blindly stick to this type.

I mix it up. I give variety.

You will find:

  • Quotes
  • Fun content
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • And a whole lot more.

Don’t back down from posting anything that is relevant to your industry.

We humans love variety and hate monotony.

Talk about your own findings

Not everything can be about what others are saying.

It’s your personal profile, so there must be your personal opinions.

My line of work enables me to make some precise observations.

I take to LinkedIn to pen them down.

Here’s a recent post of mine.

This type of posts will establish your authority.

But do make sure they are original.

People do not accept copied content well.

The bottom line is, I did not stop after I got what I desired.

Now I work that much harder to maintain its spot.

I imagine. I create. I share my blogs. And I engage.

That is my LinkedIn story

From utter Zero to a rock-solid profile.

Last piece of advice, try not to treat LinkedIn as a job-hunting platform.

Monster and Indeed are already doing that pretty well.

Consider your profile as an asset that gives you access to people and their expertise.

You can gather immense knowledge, grow your own strengths, learn more LinkedIn profile tips and have opportunities that no other platform can provide.

And remember to give back to the community as well.

Share quality content, create innovative video and audio files, and add value to the whole system.

I hope you gained some invaluable insights from my story on how to polish LinkedIn profile.

All that’s left now is to hear yours.

Let’s continue this in the comments below and feel free to add more LinkedIn profile tips here.

Tell us about your zero-to-hero story and keep the conversation going.

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