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6 Invaluable Strategies to Improve Each Stage of your Marketing Funnel

What I love about digital marketing strategies is that every step that you take, every tactic that you implement, you can measure all.

No shooting in dark or going on a wild goose chase. 

You can make informed decisions based on the data you get from analytics and design your campaign accordingly.

And this is why it’s possible to craft a successful marketing funnel for your brand and work to improve each stage of it separately.

This way, you have more power in your hands (along with great responsibility) to design an effective digital campaign, irrespective of what your goal is.

You want to increase your sales?


You want more subscribers?

Again, possible!

But, before we go any further to enlighten you with the online marketing strategies that will help you to improve each stage of your funnel, I strongly recommend that you give a read to my marketing funnel guide on how to build a billion-dollar company with it

I will be using a few technical terms here that I have defined there along with a thorough analysis of the funnel concept, the difference with its sales counterpart and a few examples from working brands who have successfully employed the funnel.

However, if you have already read it and have become impatient for the actual discussion to start, let’s not keep you waiting anymore and begin with the very purpose of the marketing funnel.

Why Create a Marketing Funnel?

People might tell you that it does this and it helps with that, but I will give you just one simple reason – 

“You know what marketing strategies to frame in order to achieve your specific goals at each level.”

 Increasing sales with marketing funnels

Having a funnel ready is like having a map and it works perfectly for both online and offline marketing. 

The only drawback of offline is that you have no way of knowing how many people are actually looking at your billboards or magazine ads while online marketing strategies are measurable.

This blog revolves around that and suggests digital marketing techniques with which you can tweak your funnel.

And the strategies mentioned here will work for all. Whether you are a product-based company or service-based, B2B or B2C, the underlying approaches will remain the same.

With that established, let’s move on to the main theme of this blog. I will use the stages that I have described in my marketing funnel guide blog

So, buckle up, pay attention and read on.

6 Invaluable Strategies to Improve Each Stage

1. Improve Awareness – Engage More and Better with your audience

Often, among all the hype of increasing brand awareness and magnifying followers/likes, we tend to ignore the single most important factor in social media marketing. 

User engagement is what will allow you to retain your existing followers and help with that all-important word-of-mouth.

Take the example of Burger King.

The chain is one of the most active social media campaigners and engages regularly (and wittily) with their customers.

The strategy to improve your awareness stage is simple.

burger king tweet

While it is important to look for new ways to bring in new potential buyers, you must also protect what you already have.

So, create shareable posts for your existing audience, design campaigns around them and engage better. 

Burger King gained a massive amount of trust from @Golden_Armonia with their reply and this user will never think about another joint for fried chicken ever again!!

3. Improve Interest – Use AdWords to find targeted customers

I agree that as the funnel gets shorter, the marketing strategies become trickier and many marketers lose their sleep over this stage.

Create a campaign to generate interest when your customers are already aware of your presence.

But, how do you know their interest?

use adwords to improve interest

No guesswork, remember!

You can make use of Google AdWords and design a PPC campaign just to find out what are your users looking for. 

Yes, you will have to spend some money but it will all be an investment for the greater good.

Search for the appropriate keyword and place a strong lead magnet on your landing page.

Ask for their email address, take their feedback in a form or simply ask for their interests by giving something back. 

Then, use analytics to update your campaign until you are satisfied with your results and voila, you have your answers.

3. Improve Consideration – Configure emails to Customer’s Needs

And once you have created those buyer personas and framed the idea of what your users are interested in, it is now time to send out emails.

Email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies provided you send the right message.

Craft your emails around your user’s interests and create the need to “consider” conversion.

email marketing to improve consideration

Send a downloadable eBook to someone who likes to collect information.

Include product specifications, free trials and special offers for people who seem skeptical about your brand. 

Remember to give a catchy subject-line to every email that will urge your users to open the mail and visit your site.

The main takeaway here is to create value.

Employ marketing funnel automation tools or create emails manually. 

Give users what they want and they will come to you.

4. Improve Intent – Send product-related information/services

Intent is the funnel stage where your visitors are now “potential buyers”.

Here, your marketing strategy should be to give your users the final nudge and make them click the “buy” button.

clicking the buy button

And while you are at it, trying upselling your product/services to make some extra profit.

Offer a free demo of a higher priced product similar to the one the customer is interested in. 

Say things like, “You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it, but there’s no harm in looking at it”.

You may also send a comparative study between the two products to show that the costlier one is better or show reports that put you above your competitors. 

Direct your users to positive customer testimonials and reviews and help them to clear their “intent”.

5. Improve Evaluation – Concierge on-boarding (offer help everywhere)

Virgin Airways owner Richard Branson used to call his own customer service from anonymous numbers and asked them for help on a variety of issues.

He says that this way he kept track of any weak link that was turning away confirmed buyers.

concierge onboarding to improve evaluation

Concierge onboarding is where you help your buyers coming from the intent stage at every step.

They will evaluate you before finally pulling the trigger and a good service can go a long way.

Make your representatives available and provide all possible options.

Call, Skype, chat, store visit, everything.

Put up content on your site to describe your buying process and answer the common FAQs. 

Transparency and availability will always be the best marketing strategies to build your brand.

6. Improve Purchase – Never give up after one sale

You will be shooting at your own feet if you think that the marketing funnel ends with making a sell.

Does Amazon give up on you after you buy a product? 

Make use of marketing funnel automation techniques to send your customers a list of similar or peripheral products.

Tripwire them to continue with you and help them to enter directly at the intent or evaluation stage.

You should also ask for their feedback regarding your product or service to maintain high levels of trust and loyalty.

Ask, “How can we serve you better?” and see the magic happen.

The best of funnels has an arrow connecting the bottom to the top.

Make sure yours have one as well.

And there you have it

6 marketing strategies to improve the 6 stages of your marketing funnel. 

I hope I don’t sound boring but I will say this once again.

Measure the metrics of every strategy that you put in place and be ready to adapt in real time. 

Feel free to experiment with your results as only then can you come up with the best marketing strategies that will work for you.

So, what marketing strategies did you use for your billion-dollar funnel? 

Drop in your answers in the comments below and let’s continue this discussion there.

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