How to Blur an Image? (Using MS Paint)

One might think that the task of blurring an image requires a complex software, like Photoshop. But it is not so and all you would need is MS Paint! Cool, isn’t it?

Blurring an Image has many pros. The sole purpose and benefit of doing it is to protect the privacy.This may include protecting a password, an email id or any other vital piece of information.

By doing the following steps, you’ll learn how easy and beneficial it is to blur any part of an image.Although there are tons of softwares available to do this, I would personally recommend MS Paint. The reason being that it is a hassle-free method, especially for the beginners.

Go to Microsoft Paint and paste the Image that has to blurred.

Move to ‘Select’ and then choose ‘Rectangular Section’ option. Now select the required area to blur.

Choose the ‘Resize’option–>Pixels–>Untick the ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ option.
Reduce the horizontal and vertical pixels and then click ok.

STEP 4:Drag the selected text and then click save.

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