Why Digital Marketing is beneficial for any Business?

Digital Marketing aka Web Marketing, refers to promoting or advertising any product/service, using various forms of Digital Media (like PCs, Tablets, Smartphones). Internet connection is a fundamental requirement to perform Digital Marketing.

In contrast to its traditional counterpart, Digital Marketing has some huge benefits.

Here are a few of the benefits:

1) High Engagement:  

Engagement can be defined as any action that a potential customer takes.

It can range from just visiting your website, to signing up for your newsletter.

Bottom line is that the customer is interacting with your product/service in some form or the other.

In Traditional Marketing engagement is nil, as the customer just sees the advertisement, but does not take any action. 

There is no way to measure who has seen your advertisement and also to perform analysis.

In Web Marketing, there is a high scope for consumer engagement with your product.

Tools like Google Analytics can be used to measure website traffic( Number of visitors visiting a particular website).

This data can be studied and evaluated to draw better Insights.

2) Guaranteed ROI:

ROI( Return On Investment) is very high and virtually guaranteed in Digital Marketing, provided the right strategy is employed.

Another aspect of web marketing is Inbound Marketing.

This is a strategy employed to attract customers towards your business, rather than going out in search of them.

When a potential customer searches for your business online, he/she is more likely to buy your product.

Traditional Marketing does not guarantee ROI. The main reason being that it caters to many people, rather than to a  target audience.

Also, there is no solid way to measure the conversions.

3) Reach and Target Audience:

Traditional Marketing campaigns are generally limited to a particular area/region.

It is an interruptive form of advertising, and generally is made available to the masses, rather than catering to a niche audience.

Example: Television Ads, Newspapers Ads, Hoardings, Radio Ads.

Internet Marketing on the other hand, caters to the needs of the target audience (person/group of people who are more likely to buy your product).

Customers are targeted based on the Demographics (Education, Region, Nationality, Ethnicity, etc).

For Example: When a business is offering plumbing services, instead of advertising on Television or Radio, PPC(search ads) can be displayed on google.

People who want to avail the services will go to google and perform the search.

When the particular advertisement is displayed and the customer clicks on it, he can get instant access to it.

4) Price:

Traditional Advertising can be costly is a huge understatement.

Just take a look at the below screenshot to get a clear picture of the scenario.

Digital Advertising in contrast, is cheap and sustainable over a longer period of time.

Businesses can be scaled up quickly and cost effectively at the same time.

Hope you liked my first blogabout Digital Marketing.

Stay tuned for more!