Create iPhone Ringtone from MP3 File from iTunes

You know that iTunes is not the easiest software to add or create a personalized ringtone for iPhone. It is even one of the least practical software to achieve its ends. Although there are iOS apps for downloading ready-made ringtones, there is a rather easy way to convert an MP3 file to AAC, the format used for iPhone ringtones, from iTunes.

Whether you purchased the MP3 file or not, the following method works fine. The best is of course to have already cut the song at 30 seconds at the exact location you prefer. Below, you’ll see the detailed step-by-step guide on how to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone and enjoy customized call tones.

  • Drag the file into your iTunes library
  • Right-click and click on “convert to AAC”
  • Drag this AAC song to iTunes and to your desktop
  • Rename the file “Archer.m4a” (for AAC) to “Archer.m4r” (the extension for ringtones)
  • Back in iTunes, delete the original MP3 file you just added and the AAC file you created, otherwise when you add the file as your new ringtone, it might not be recognized as a new file.
  • Drag the “Archer.m4r” file into iTunes
  • Make sure iTunes is set to sync ringtones to your iPhone
  • Sync it with your iPhone via USB

Even if this method works without problem, it is still less accessible than on Android. Indeed, adding a ringtone to the Google OS just requires you to move the file to the ringtone folder, and that’s it!