8 Simple Tips to Outwit the New Instagram Algorithm(2018)

Who dosen’t love Instagram?  This repository of artistic masterpieces is widely used by the majority, especially by the younger generation.  With 700 million users and counting, this platform is undoubtedly one amongst the largest and most popular social networks till date.

Here are a few mind blowing facts about Instagram I bet you didn’t know about:

  • Influencers are charging upwards of 10,000$ for a single sponsored post on this network.
  • Pizza is the most Instagrammed food of all time, followed by Sushi.
  • New York is the most geotagged city.
  • When Facebook bought this photo sharing app, it had only 13 employees.

Every social network has it’s own fair share of rules and regulations (aka Algorithms). These Algorithms play a pivotal role in affecting the visibility of what you post or share.

Ever since Facebook acquired this network, it has undergone significant amount of changes, particularly wrt it’s features and the algorithm itself. As a user of this application, you might already be aware of some of the new features like Insta stories. Hacking the algorithm however, is a different ballgame altogether.

But fear not.

In this article I’m going to touch upon the key metrics of this newly updated algorithm, to help improve content/post visibility and achieve Insta(nt) success.

So let’s get started!

#Tip 1: Improve 10% Visibility

Any time you make a brand new post or upload to Instagram, only 10% of your followers will actually see it when it goes live.

However, if you have early engagement( like, comments..) Instagram will release it to the remaining 90%.

Suppose you have 100 followers.  Right after you post, only 10 followers can see it. If they don’t engage and just scroll down, your remaining 90 followers are less likely to see that post.

The solution to this problem is to post highly quality and engaging content on a regular basis with your audience.

#Tip 2: Respond to Comments (and do it really quickly!)

Instagram will start giving you decreased visibility if you do not reply back to people who posted to you i.e If you fail to respond fast for the comments left on your post.

If you don’t reply back within 60 minutes, the visibility of your future posts will slowly start decreasing.

#Tip 3:  Type of Response Engagement

Normally if anybody was to reply to one of your posts or comments, it would be counted as engagement.

But not anymore!

If the response(comment) is less than or equal to 3 words it wouldn’t be counted as an engagement metric.

Using only tons of emojis also doesn’t count. Having four words or more is mandatory to increase the visibility of your post.

#Tip 4: Avoid Excessive use of Hashtags

It was quite common in the older version of the algorithm to see 15 to 30 hashtag blocks. This is now considered spam and is a shady practice.

Instagram wants all it’s users to include more refined and defined use of the hashtag system. I’d personally recommend you to use anywhere between 5 to 10 hashtags for a post.

Hashtags can be compared to the alt text attribute in SEO(for Images). These tags basically tell Instagram what your post is all about.

#Tip 5: Regular use of Instagram Stories

If you use a lot of Instagram stories there’s a better chance of more visibility. Insta stories carry more weightage in the algorithm now.

Instagram considers this as a key engagement metric and thus I’d suggest you to use this feature on a regular basis.

The sole purpose of creating Insta stories was to compete with the likes of Snapchat and Whatsapp, who have their own versions. I must say, it has done a pretty good job so far.

#Tip 6:  Don’t use the same Hashtags

Using the same hashtag in consecutive posts, multiple posts or many times within a single post  can have a negative impact on your post visibility. It is considered as a spammy technique. Period.

#Tip 7: Body hashtags > Comment hashtags

It’s quite common for people to comment on their own posts. In the first comment they usually include hashtags.

Guess what?

Instagram will not use it for crawling or visibility.

They’re just going to skim right over your post. So save yourself some time by including hashtags only in the body of  a post.

#Tip 8: Avoid Edits

Once you publish a piece of content/post, leave it alone. Don’t tamper with it time and again by performing edits. This has a negative impact on the visibility of your post.

So if you ever make a mistake while publishing a post, just go ahead and delete it. You can start afresh and republish it correctly this time.


Instagram want only organic growth from now on. They want to hack down all the fake accounts, spambots and thereby, attract advertisers in the process.

Make use of these insights to ace the Insta game.

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Until next time, cheers 🙂